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A Lesson From Izuku Midoriya

Hard Work and Passion go Hand in Hand

All too often I see videos and books linked to pursuing your passions and following your dreams. Everyone talks about believing in yourself, but no one talks about how hard that is to do. No one talks about how you have to work three times harder than everyone else in order to follow your dreams. We only ever see the end of the road. They are already rich and famous. They already have the muscles. They are already well known to all. Sometimes we get the training montage, but those are always time lapsed and make it seem like everything clicks into place so fast. Except in My Hero Academia and that is why I love that show. In the very first episodes we see Izuku more passionate and more driven than the rest of his peers, but he lacks the resources the rest of them have to become a hero. Izuku has no quirk (superpower).

We learn that Izuku has been trying his entire childhood to become a hero despite not having a quirk, he would not let this stop him from chasing his dream. But, when it comes time to apply for high school he finally realizes his dream will never come true because a quirk is NEEDED to become a hero, you cannot stand a chance against villains with an array of powers using just your passion. Izuku finally realizes this and even though he has believed in himself this entire time and he studied hard there was just no way he could become a hero. 

Believing in yourself is not enough, following your dreams is not enough. You have to work harder than anyone else out there to make what you want a reality.  Izuku never gave up and lucky for him someone else saw his hard work. A hand out was given to him, but even with that we still see he had to work now twice as hard instead of three times as hard as peers to keep up. I believe the only reason Izuku can keep up with his classmates is because he had been grinding non stop his entire life. He worked hard and that got him to a point where he could see his dream was attainable, and from there he worked even harder to make sure his dream would be reality.

My point is that you can read and watch millions and millions of videos and books about motivation and following your dreams. But without putting in the work. Without the frustrations and feelings of anger and hopelessness and pushing passed all of that you won’t get anywhere. Izuku wouldn’t be the Deku the world knows and loves if he didn’t stay up all those nights working out, studying those he admired, and putting in those extra hours of training after everyone else was asleep.